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Did You See Temple with Holy Spring Water ?

Pura Tirta Empul is a famous temple of holy water (spring water) The words of  Tirta Empul consist of  two words.So,  Tirta means holy water, and Empul meaning emerged from the soil. There is a statue “Linga Yoni” is a historical relic, created approximately 1,000 years (962 years).Lingga Yoni symbol of the god Shiva, who symbolically company (male) and Pradana (women).

Pura Tirta Empul one of the leading tourist objects Gianyar, Bali. Located approximately 40 km north of Denpasar, requiring approximately 1 hour drive from Kuta / Nusa Dua. Located in the district of Gianyar Tampaksiring that have natural beauty and coolness.

According to Balinese Folklore, at that time there was a King Maya Denawa, ordered the people of Bali in order to worship him, not to the gods. Then, God was  angry ,then God sent Batara Indrato kill  Maya Danawa , at the end of the battle,  Maya Danawa poisoned river Petanu , so many soldiers  Indra died , and Indra  step on the Kris to the Land, then there was this holy water, which is now called Pura Tirta Empul.
Additional, Tirta Empul – a water spring temple located at Tampak Siring, with its old myth described on a manuscript called Usana Bali says that a Balinese arrogant king named Maya Denawa who did not believe in God and objected people to worship. His arrogance made him attacked by the warriors of Bhatara Indra and put him away from the throne.  But with his powerful weapons, all warriors of Bhatara Indra were poisoned till dead, by seeing this Bhatara Indra then planted his pole to the earth that sprang water to use sprinkling the dead warriors to revive. Until now this water spring is believed to be the source of life and prosperity.

Hindu community believes that Tirta or purified water can purified and clean all the dirt both outer and inner dirt, or by the people of Bali called pengleburan in scale and timeless. Tirta Empul is also one of the main tirta used in every religious existence of Hindu ceremonies in Bali.

Pura Tirta Empul as relics of the kingdom in Bali, one of the few relics of archaeological interest to be seen and known in this village. West side of the temple is at an elevation of the Presidential Palace which was built on the rule of President Sukarno.

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