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  1. Barong Dance, Barong dance is a dance symbolizing good and evil spirits. The Barong is symbolized with a creature resemble a tiger and the witch is symbolized with frightening lady with long teeth sharp tusk, big breasts and always hanging long tongue called Rangda. Since the witch has a very strong magic power, dozen of the Barong assistants who intended to attack Rangda were hypnotized and committing suicide by stabbing themselves by kris.
  2. Mengwi:Taman Ayun Temple.The highlight of tour is Enjoy the beauty of Pura Taman Ayun temple form with a traditional architect Bali. You visit to Mengwi – the former Royal temple of Taman Ayun built in a scenic place surrounded by lovely moat. The establishment of Taman Ayun Temple is related to the development of Mengwi kingdom in the 17th century. Based on Babad Mengwi, a manuscript of the birth of Mengwi kingdom describes that the founder of the kingdom was I Gusti Ngurah Putu. After succeeding in extending his emporium he then built the Ulun Danu Temple on the bank of Lake Beratan. Afterwards he moved his palace from Balahayu (now Belayu village) to Mengwi and built Taman Ayun Temple.
  3. Tanah Lot / Sunset Temple.Tanah Lot Temple nested on a bulging up rock, which is continuously under abrasion of Indian Ocean waves. This temple was built around 16th century by one of famous Hindus Priest coming from Java in his effort to refresh the Hindu belief. This temple has the best sight when it is sunset (depends on temporal weather).
  4. Ubud Monkey Forest.Ubud Art Market: Village as the home of local painter community and Art Market in Ubud .Wana Rawana Monkey Forest , and Visit The holy Spring Temple Inside of This Forest Ubud Puri Saren Ubud Palace, and Shopping in Ubud Market
  5. Coffee Plantation.Walking amongs fields of local fruits, Coffee, Cocoa, Vanilla, Clove plantation .Bali coffee found mostly in the mountain central part of Bali, there are 2 kinds of Bali coffee the farmers grow in Bali is Arabica Coffee and Robusta Coffee. Every family in Bali who live in the country side grow coffee plantation in the back yard of theirs house too, this is good enough for them, Balinese people will take traditional way to process how they make coffee powder, sometime they mix it with the rice if they don’t like the taste of coffee too strong. This process you may see when you have trip to see Bedugul Trip
  6. Goa Gajah. Gua Gajah (Elephant Cave) is located in west side of Bedulu countryside, Blah Batuh Sub district and Gianyar Regency. It is about 27 km from Denpasar town. This cave is built at crevasse edge from the federation of 2 rills that is called Pangkung River , where the irrigation is mixed with Petanu River flow. The federation area of two rivers is called Campuhan/Mixture. It owns the magical energy on the basis of Rwabineda Concept/two different matters on this basic concept hence Gua Gajah (Elephant Cave) is intentionally built among two rivers
  7. Lunch in Ubud. Scenic lunch over looking rice paddies.


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