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Village Munggu

Description &  Location Of Munggu Village


Munggu Village  is located on Jalasn raya Kapal  Munggu  , District of  Mengwi, Badung regency, provincial of Bali, Indonesia.It  takes 40 minutes by car and it locates 16 kilometers  from Denpasar   to the village of Munggu, There are  3 large ceremony  every year that are performed  by Balinese who live at  Munggu village ,  namely:

  1. Munggu village has a unique tradition, namely “Ngerebeg” , which perform  every Kuningan Day 10 days after Galungan day , namely Mekotek   Mekotek is one tradition  in Bali that exists only in Munggu village, district of Mengwi, Badung regency. The  location is not so far from Tanah Lot object tourist . The aim of this Mekotek  ceremony  was held to welcome the royal Mengwi war fleet that crossed  Munggu village, who will go to the battlefield, is also celebrated to welcome the troops when they  get  a victory in war with Blambangan kingdom in Java. In the past the Dutch colonial era tradition is never eliminated, but then disaster strikes, all of a sudden 11 people died among the citizens Munggu, then through tough negotiations with the colonial, the celebration can be re-celebrated until now.

Mekotek celebration was once used spears of iron, which gives spirit to the troops or from the battlefield, but over time change and to avoid the participants were injured, the spear was replaced with a rod of pulet which is skinned, which measure about 2 – 3.5 meters. On  Kuningan day , Balinese , who live at Munggu village,    dress   in traditional costume  and gather at Pura Dalem Munggu . The participants is 12 until 60 years old , who celebrate Mekotek ceremony  .  Many tourist visit this Mekotek  ceremony



  1. Temple Festival At Munggu  village perform on Tilem Or Dark Moon Ceremony In Bali

Did you know about Time / Dark Moon Ceremony? The Balinese , who are  Hindu  religion , will celebrate ‘Tilem’ in temple ceremonies, which are mostly held in every major temple and family shrine around the island of Bali. On this day, Hindus make offerings to the Gods, placed on the ground at the entrance of each housing compound.

In this year at  Munggu village celebrate Tilem Or Dark Moon Ceremony at Pura Dalem.   This temple festival s performed  on  dark  moon  on September , that based on  the Balinese lunar calendar system and it is  formally on 1 September 2016.

Tilem celebrated once every 30 days, as well as the full moon. While Tilem also called new moon, when the dark. The distance between the full moon and is at odds Tilem 15 days. Full moon is often identified with the brightness, while Tilem termed the dark.

In Tilem day is are also the temples ceremonies which are mostly held in Pura Dalem Munggu.


This ceremony requires preparation around 2 weeks before the ceremony take place. There are 2 Banjar /  community   responsible for this ceremony at Pura Dalem. This ceremony  spent a lot of money , the villagers usually give denotations to temple ceremony . This ceremony takes  place on 3 days extent .The first  Day: the highlight of  temple ceremony, Second Day,it is at  4 o’clock  afternoon people perform  mepeed ,it mean that   many women head  the offering and go along to Pura Dalem Munggu temple. After arriving at temple, the women put down the offering on shrine at Pura Dalem. At night perform  Balinese dances such as Legong, Baris and others.The last  Day Three: it is at  4 o’clock  afternoon people perform  mepeed ,it mean that   many women head  the offering and go along to Pura Dalem Munggu temple. After arriving at temple, the women put down the offering on shrine at Pura Dalem. After closing the temple ceremony, people perform Drama Calon Arang . it take until 3 o’clock in the morning


  1. Purnama Kapat In Munggu village. Purnama ( full moon in Bali ) is a primary day for ceremonies and celebrations in Munggu village. Tempe festival  at Purnama Kapat in Munggu village will perform around Full moon at 16  September 2016 this year.Pura Kapat  ceremony usually take place  3 days . Every day Balinese, who live at Munggu villagge,  usually  visit the temple and pray to god of Wisnu . Every night there usually perform many  Balinese dances. The he last day perform  Drama Calon Arang.


At Pura Puseh , in Munggu village  celebrate this particular day for  impressive ceremonies. Balinese trust that Purnama is a favorable day while god of Wisnu derive to the earth and apply their thanksgiving. During this heavenly day, 100s of ceremonies are applied altogether niches of the island to fulfill and respect the gods of Wisnu on offerings specified food, fruit and flowers. Then,  the Balinese themselves are  favored by acting assorted rituals applying holy water, exasperate smoke, petals and rice grains.

Purnama kapat in Munggu village  is a full moon ceremonial occasion significant in the Hindu calendar devoted to god of Wisnu .

While we got in Munggu village in Bali, we at once acknowledged that something another, an identical limited moment of the Balinese culture was happening: the Full Moon Ceremony in Bali. Whole the temples, level the lowest ones appeared same a beehive with active bees adding up and becoming.

Purnama, the day of the full moon is an identical limited day for the Balinese people. It’s believed to become  a lucky day to set affairs in the garden, especially fruit plants. Purnama serves to find an abundant harvest the accompanying class

Ordinarily people gain the temples in advancements attended away Gamelan Balinese music and they give their  gifts to the temples during the last hours of the afternoon, while the sun already begins to pass away down and the temperature is a lot of enjoyable.

Women conduct these offerings along top of their brain and they base it in strategically signals of the temples.


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